Government boosts cashflow support for small business.

On the 1st May, the Government made an announcement it will provide interest-free loans of $10,000 (and depending on the number of employees it could be up to $100,000) to small businesses under the Small Business Cash Flow Scheme.

The loans are available for a year and will be offered to businesses with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent staff.

The eligibility criteria are the same as for the Wage Subsidy Scheme. Businesses will also have to declare that they are a viable business, they will use the money for core business operating costs and enter into a legally binding loan contract.

The loans are only interest-free if they are paid back within a year. After that, the interest rate will be 3 per cent for a maximum term of five years. Repayments are not required for the first two years.

The scheme will provide a base of $10,000 to every firm plus an addition of $1800 per equivalent full-time employee.

The scheme will be administered by Inland Revenue who will be taking applications from May 12, and will pay out shortly thereafter.

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