Introducing Glynis Carter

Glynis has been a Partner at Monteck Carter since her firm Corbett Carter merged with Monteck Group in 2013 and brings many years of experience to the 10-strong team.  She works with client businesses providing advice and support on business operations & tax obligations.

An area of speciality is the use of Trust structures and their Administration and Glynis can be relied upon to provide considered and valuable advice to her clients in the use and management of their trusts.

She is a trusted advisor to many and her work outside of the accounting world includes serving the Auckland community with her long-time membership of a local Rotary Club involved at both Club and District level, and as a Trustee of the Club’s Charitable Trust.

Since the early 1990’s Glynis has been appointed as an Independent Trustee on many client trusts. Over those years trusts were prevalent for many good reasons. Glynis is a big advocate of the adage, “Keep It Simple”, and doesn’t believe in having structures and entities for the sake of it. However, she still believes while many of the advantages of trusts have been removed, there is no better structure for asset protection and in a variety of circumstances; trusts are still the best option.

The introduction of the new Trustees Act early next year should encourage clients to review whether their Trusts are fit for purpose and comply under the new provisions. While the burden of administration will be heavier, the Act is simply codifying best practice, and at Monteck Carter we have the trustee experience to be able to advise you on what that will mean for you and your trust. We recommend that variations, resettlements and winding-ups are carried out before the Act comes into effect on January 31st next year.

For a free consultation or more information on whether you should have a trust, cease a trust or the administration of you Trust, visit our website or contact Glynis.

If you missed our email or blog on the updates to the Trusts legislation you can read about it here.


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