Impact of Covid19 in your ACC levy

ACC: impact of Covid-19 in your levy

ACC is requesting businesses that employ staff contact them if you have recently reduced or are forecasting a reduction in your payroll before they send you the 2020/21 provisional invoice.  This is to ensure the provisional invoice reflects any impact Covid-19 has had on your business.

“We determine a business’s provisional invoice based on Inland Revenue data from the year before. However, we recognise this will not reflect many business’s current reality,” says Phil Riley, ACC’s Head of Business Customer Service Delivery.

If your Payroll is different to last year, you can log into MyACC for Business before the end of September to provide an estimated payroll update. If you don’t have a MyACC for Business account, setting one up is easy:

Register here to create one or login here.

This applies to employers with PAYE staff and is not applicable to those who are self-employed as you will not have provisional invoices.

You can also contact the ACC Business Customer Contact Centre on 0800 222 776

For more information from ACC, including invoicing updates in 2020 click here.

If you have further questions about how this applies to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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