Meet Our Team

Bruce Montgomery


I’ve been an Accountant for 20 years now, although my first introduction to Accounting was actually 24 years ago when I worked part time for my father in his practice, while I was finishing my Engineering papers. After deciding I needed a career change I began working full time with my Dad and studied part-time.

While most of my employment has been in the public sector I also spent time in the corporate world working as the Accountant for a Freighting Company and I also gained a good understanding of how small business operate while employed in various Engineering rolls.

With my engineering background I enjoy working with the trades as well as Manufacturing and Transportation firms. Most of those I work with has between 5 to 15 employees and are looking for regular support.

I believe that my background allows me to better understand how businesses operate and to focus on more than just the numbers, something that is quite foreign to most CA’s. The most enjoyable aspect of my job is seeing our clients succeed and by that I mean achieving whatever goal they have set themselves and their business.