What does money mean to you?

What you believe about money and how you relate and interact with it affects every aspect of your life and business. A belief is simply a story that you have told yourselfRead More…

7 tips to Boost your Mental Health at Work

Lead your team by example   Did you know the main reason people take time off work is due to poor mental health? So, it’s in your best interest to promote positive mentalRead More…

Free Christmas ebook

Celebrate the end of 2020 and download our free Christmas ebook! Have a chuckle, reminisce, and remember the year that was.  We’re looking ahead to 2021. Read our 3 Freedoms  – TimeRead More…

Work. Sleep. Eat. Repeat?

Working harder is not always smarter. Here are some useful ways to create a crystal clear line between work and the rest of your life.

Police Managers’ Guild Trust

Police Managers’ Guild Trust – They work to provide free information to New Zealanders on how to stay safe and avoid becoming a victim of crime. You can access that information either via their website – or in 1 of their reference magazines

KiwiSaver Enrolments

As an employer, you play an important role in helping your employees save for their retirement. Employees who start a new job and meet the criteria for automatic enrolment must be enrolled in KiwiSaver, unless you offer an approved alternative superannuation scheme or have been granted exempt employer status. Do you understand what you need to do?

Motivating Your Staff After Christmas

Many people kick start the New Year with a myriad of resolutions, from keeping fit to losing weight or achieving financial goals. However, many of those resolutions fail to embody anything remotely close to working life. The first week back is usually a slow one; clearing out the inbox (usually spam as most other people were also on break) dusting off the keyboard and restocking the cupboard with fresh new stationery. So when your employees hit the deck with the January blues, here are some ideas to instil excitement and motivation. Inspiring your team can start even before the New Year kicks off. If you give out Christmas gifts at the end of each year, do your research first. Find out about your team and ensure you’re getting each and every one of them something that is thoughtful and representative of how you see them as individuals. If specialised gifts are not within your budget, ensure you do something, whether it be a Christmas party or even a personalised card that lets each of your employees know how much you’ve appreciated their efforts throughout the year. By feeling this appreciation, they are more likely to come back to work in a positive frame of mind.

Get paid more for Parental Leave of Absence

We enjoy sharing this kind of information as this is good news for parents.
On 1 July 2014, the rates for paid parental leave increased. If you’re self-employed or an employee and eligible for paid parental leave, you may receive up to a maximum of $504.10 a week before tax. If you’re self-employed and make a loss or earn less than the minimum wage, for at least 10 hours work a week, the payment is $142.50 each week before tax (equivalent to 10 hours each week at the current minimum wage rate). If you’d like a fact sheet on your obligations as an employer or on paid parental leave for self-employed people, please contact us.

Forward thinking accounting

So here’s the thing if you look in the rear vision mirror what do you see? You see the past, the things you’ve passed the things that you don’t need to focus on. Not to say that they aren’t interesting, but that’s all they are, interesting.

Happy New Year 2015

01/01/2015 by Team at Monteck Carter  

Merry Christmas 2015

25/12/2014 by Team at Monteck Carter Wouldn’t it be great to feel like it’s Christmas the whole year? Take the holiday challenge – keep love in your heart, kindness in your words,Read More…

Gold Medalist in making

At Monteck Carter, we know that your business is not just a bunch of numbers. We therefore not only celebrate ‘numerical’ success rather we celebrate any form of success that our clients experience!

Where does Kilimanjaro fit in?

Our staff are a very varied lot, you will have seen from their profiles that they all have busy lives outside their work life. Karen Tobeck one of our partners is goingRead More…

Foreign Superannuation

If you have (or had) funds in foreign superannuation schemes,you need to let your accountant know. Recent changes to legislation and further impending changes may affect you!

We can help with your business plan

During a typical investment negotiation process, the investor will conduct due diligence which will include reviewing the business plan,
intellectual property strategy, market research document, debtors, inventory levels, management team and employees.

State owned assets

The budget introduces the Future Investment Fund as a holding tank for the expected proceeds (between 5 and 7 billion) from the sale of up to 49% of shares in Air New Zealand and four state owned enterprises under the controversial mixed ownership model.

Mixed Use Assets being targeted

If you own a bach, a boat or an aircraft that you sometimes rent out then you’ll now be required to apportion deductions based on actual income earned and private use of the asset, instead of based on the availability to produce income.

The 2012 Budget!

The world is yet to recover from its prolonged financial crisis but our government is really getting the hang of this scrimping and saving business, walking that fine line between cost cutting and stimulating growth.

How optimistic are you?

There’s no doubt recent times have seen the tightening of belts and an abundance of no.8 wire mentality. We’re working smarter; however the world isn’t out of the economic danger zone yet. It’s likely to be a marathon, but kiwis are fit for the task – equipped with a positive attitude and sensible running shoes.

RWC – Economic boon for New Zealand

If you rented out your property for the RWC there may be tax implications to consider. If you are unsure how the RWC effects your tax and accounts please feel free to give Ezi Accounts a call to assist with your accounting service. We can give you a fixed price quote and guarantee a 15 day turnaround on any returns. You may even be eligible for a refund.

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