Expenses incurred in Australia – Can I claim GST?

We recently had a very valid question from one of our clients about business expenses incurred in Australia and the question was asked if there any guidelines available / or rules for claiming Australian GST for business-related expenses incurred in Australia – for example, Training accreditation undertaken in Australia, as well as related accommodation, food, travel etc. expenses?


So you are thinking of exporting?

Are you thinking about exporting for the first time, but not sure how to go about it? New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) offers some general tips for companies starting to think about exports:
Preparation is key. Like any business development and growth plans, exporting needs to be carefully considered and managed. Plans and budgets should be prepared, objectives need to be set. For example:


Can we get you a Government grant for your business?

Every year the Government invests millions into companies that provide employment, increase exports and build wealth in New Zealand. Therefore Regional Business Partners have been set up by NZ Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation to be local hubs of business development know-how and research and development (R&D) expertise. Each partner works with local businesses in their


Health and Safety Law Changes – Advice

Changes to health and safety (H&S) laws are a step closer, with the select committee reporting its recommendations back to Parliament. The Bill is expected to be passed later this year and there will be some months before it comes into effect. During this time government will provide further guidance to help businesses understand what the new law means for them, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.


Multiply the value of your business BEFORE you sell!

As a business owner, there are no shortage of advisers who tell you what outcomes you need before selling your business. Unlike the others, Monteck Carter shows you how to do it! This is the 6th event in the Preparing Your Business For Sale Expert Seminar Series on the 11 August… And it’s the practical one. You must not miss this. Buy your tickets now.


Glynis Carter – Real Estate Accounting and Investment Property Tax

Glynis first became a partner in a chartered accounting practice in 1993. Prior to that she worked for Ernst & Young, with a brief stint in the UK. She has a wealth of experience in advising the SME sector, with a focus on property developers and investors, the use of family trusts, and a holistic approach to assist her clients to achieve their business and private goals. She lives with her partner Rod, a dog, a cat and two goats (donated to her to eat the grass by one of her farming clients). When not maintaining the lifestyle block she will be boating, travelling or entertaining.