What have we been up to?

The team at Monteck Group had a change to their business structure from the 1st January 2013. Monteck Group and an associate accounting business Corbett Carter joined forces and formed a new merged business. For our clients and associates things have not change significantly. We may call ourselves something differently but the staff structure and current service levels was maintained. The benefits are that as a new business we will incorporate additional skill levels through the new staff and ownership structure.


Client Advisory Board

What do your customers think about you? And where do they want your business to take them? Do you realise that customers are evaluating your business every time they buy from you, use your services, or receive an email, phone call or even an invoice? Do they speak positively about your business? Do they talk about you at all? Or even worse, do they bag you to other potential clients?


Kiwi $aver

About 15,000 kiwis are joining the scheme per month and total funds have eclipsed $12b. However the government has pulled an expected U turn with regards to auto-enrolment. Previously this was scheduled for 2014/2015 but public consultation has now been deferred to beyond 2012 due to the expected additional costs of kick-start and member tax credit contributions.


Who do you call for tax advice?

Getting the best out of your accountant. Who do you call for tax advice? Do you ask friends, colleagues, IRD or do you call your accountant? If you ask friends, colleagues or IRD then you may not be getting the best advice. If you are too scared to ring your accountant because they will charge you then you need to ask them these questions:


EZI Accounting online for contractors, real estate agents and property investors

If you are a small business owner, real estate agent or contractor, keeping your accounts in order can be onerous and expensive. That’s why Ezi Accounts was born, the brainchild of the Monteck Group, Ezi Accounts offers a quick, professional and affordable solution to your accounting needs all via their simple online system. The principle behind Ezi Accounts is to make it easy to do your accounting online,