Preparing your business for sale Series

The Purchaser’s Perspective

24 February 2014

Many kiwi business owners expect to sell their business before they retire using the proceeds to fund their retirement. But this “dream outcome” won’t happen without careful advance planning. Join Monteck Carter Chartered Accountants and Kiwibank at the third of a series of seminars on Preparing your business for sale.

In this session we talked to Paul Ayres and Myles Cooper, the people behind Challenge Partners, an investment company which purchases businesses and then runs them for the benefit of their investors. The investors are hands-on in the overall direction of the companies purchased.

We heard how Paul and Myles choose the companies they buy, what are they looking for and what they believe makes a saleable company. They covered which outcomes in a business are important to a purchaser. We learned how to implement these outcomes into your business to ensure your business is saleable

Feedback we received from the seminar series:

“Highly topical subject for a series of seminars run by the professionals most trusted by business owners – their accountants. Your choice of speaker for the first event was brilliant: his simplicity and courage resonated with the audience and impressed me no end. Can’t wait for the next seminar” Phillip Kotze

“Transitioning out of your business is one of the scariest things you can do.This is a great programme that Monteck Carter is putting on and I wholeheartedly endorse it. An outcome for tonight – think about the planning discipline.Do the whole seminar series.” Tom Wilson CEO Shears and Mac


Don’t worry if you missed this first seminar. There is an option to get a copy of the video from the this seminar when you purchase a ticket for another seminar.

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