Expert Seminar Series “Preparing your business for sale”

Selling your business may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone wants to get the best outcome. No business is “ready for sale” overnight – it takes time, planning and careful management. Experts agree that starting early (2 to 5 years before the hoped for sale date) is essential to achieving the best price.

Monteck Carter are experts in helping business owners plan for the sale of their business. We understand how to make your business finances attractive to a purchaser, how to plan your personal financial outcomes and also the succession planning for family business transitions from one generation to the next.

This series is for business owners who would like to sell their business at some stage. Business owners traditionally have considered the sale of their business as their retirement package. What if it is not saleable? What if there are no buyers? What are your options?

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The full series is

  • Re-engineering your business
  • Getting the right price – a seller’s perspective
  • Getting the right price – a buyer’s perspective
  • Transitioning in a manager to run the business
  • How to value your business
  • Steps to getting your business ready for sale

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Download Seminar 5 : How to value your business

Speakers: In this session we talked to Bruce Cattell , senior broker at LINK Business, largest business brokerage in NZ.

We heard what buyers look for strategic or financial reasons and also what makes your business attractive to buyers.


Summary Notes: Download Here

Presentation: Karen Tobeck

Normally we video the whole seminar. This time we unfortunately experienced some technical difficulties with our video recording. But, taking same advice we give our clients, we did have a backup plan! We took notes on the evening which we are happy to share with you alongside the presentation slides. (A huge thank you to Rebecca from Creative Agency Secrets for her fast typing).

Download Seminar 4 : Transitioning in a manager

Speakers: In this session we talked to Rob Young from Platform 1 who works with business owners to help release them from day-to-day operations while not only maintaining but increasing their on-going income. We heard from Rob how to help turn business owners into business investors and how to introduce a manager to the business who will later purchase shares through a minority shareholding, to reduce the owner’s risk, and enable them to take cash off the table.

We also heard how Sharon Dawson from Icom Communications how she stepped away from her company to do the things she loves and how this helped her to have an exit strategy.


Summary Notes: Rob Young and Sharon Dawson

Presentation: Karen Tobeck

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Download Seminar 3 : Corporate Buyer – Purchasers Perspective

Speakers:In this session we talked to Paul Ayres and Myles Cooper, the people behind Challenge Partners, an investment company which purchases businesses and then runs them for the benefit of their investors. The investors are hands-on in the overall direction of the companies purchased.

We heard how Paul and Myles choose the companies they buy, what are they looking for and what they believe makes a saleable company. They covered which outcomes in a business are important to a purchaser. We learned how to implement these outcomes into your business to ensure your business is saleable


Downloads: Summary Notes

Presentation: Challenge Partners

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Download Seminar 2 – Getting the right price

Speakers: Doug Hitchcock and Hugh Chapman have both separately built up businesses from scratch and achieved a multi- million dollar sale to a publicly listed company.

Doug was originally a grain and seed agent, has a background in horticulture and then fruit and vegetable retailing. He built a fruit and vegetable wholesaling company to a level where it was the major importer of bananas in NZ. This company has recently been purchased by a publicly listed NZ company.

Hugh is a Registered Plumber who developed a niche business around leak detection. After successfully scaling this business into Australia, Hugh was offered a significant amount to sell the business to a Canadian publicly listed company.


Summary Notes: Karen Tobeck, Doug and Hugh’s advice

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Download Seminar 1 – Re-engineering your business

Speaker: Tom Wilson, CEO, Shears & Mac.

Tom turned his knowledge and experience as a partner in KPMG in turnaround management and as a business profit builder, to founding and building highly successful businesses and generating wealth for shareholders.
As Founder and Managing Director of Radius Health Group, Tom created a business that within five years was earning $200 million in revenue and had 3,000 staff. This included 42 pharmacies and 19 medical centres.
Tom is now the CEO of Shears and Mac (a multi-national shopfitting organisation based in Penrose), he was brought in for his expertise in re-engineering. Tom discusses the issues around re-engineering a business, why this may be what you have been looking for to ensure your business is ready for sale.
Maximise the value in your business by unlocking the culture of your team and ensuring they are all working towards the same goals. Learn when you need to introduce these skills into your business and the methods used to gain real momentum.


Summary Notes: Karen Tobeck and Tom Wilson’s advice
100 Day Plan templates: 100 Day Plan.docx , Annual Business Plan.doc, Strategic Plan.doc

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