Preparing your business for sale Series

Transitioning in a manager, the process and a success story

14 April 2015

The Baby Boomer generation are coming up towards retirement and many kiwi business owners expect to be able to sell their business to fund their retirement. But this “dream outcome” won’t happen without careful advance planning.

Rob had a discussion on what it takes to sell your business at Monteck Carter Chartered Accountants and Kiwibank 4th series of seminars on Preparing your business for sale. How to sell your business to a manager and manage the transition process.

Platform 1 founder, Rob Young, talked about how introducing a great manager with “fire in their belly” for business growth can be a worthwhile way to allow you, the owner, to leave the business. Often a younger person coming from a corporate job is unable to buy a business outright and so earning their way into the ownership is a great route as long as you don’t mind being paid gradually. Platform 1’s service introduces the business owner and the manager and creates an investment program which slowly allows the manager to buy in and the owner to transition out.

This process can be extremely financially rewarding for the business owner.
Rob has an accounting and management background, primarily with large multinationals in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In recent years he has worked in human resource consulting, with public sector organisations and medium to large corporates. He has also owned and operated McDonald’s restaurants at Auckland Airport, and established his own consulting practice prior to joining Saturn Group.

Rob explained the process and we also heard from Sharon from Icom Communications who employed a transition manager. Join us at our next seminar and find out how to maximise the value of your business and ensure you have a great retirement

We always allow time for lots of questions and to join us for some refreshments


Don’t worry if you missed this first seminar. There is an option to get a copy of the video from the this seminar when you purchase a ticket for another seminar.

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