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Future proof your business for sale

11 August 2015

Selling your business can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone wants to get the best price. No business is “ready for sale” overnight – it takes time, planning and careful management.

Monteck Carter knows a lot of “baby boomer” business owners are already working on planning their own retirement. Some won’t actually get to 65 for ten years but having a large number of firms come up for sale at the same time may mean prices get depressed.

Monteck Carter is your expert advisor helping business owners plan the sale of their business. We are hosting a series of seminars for business owners who want to ensure that when they want to sell, they get the best possible price.

The Business Owners Seminar Series

,p>Learn how to add value to your business from the experts in the field. The partners from Monteck Carter will guide you through this process.

These series started in 2014 and will run to 6 events in total. At the next seminar on the 28 July we will discuss what you can do over the next three to five years to really add $ value to your final business sale price.

The first seminar we held was in October with speaker Tom Wilson, CEO of Shears & Mac touching on issues that have an impact on how your business will fund your retirement. Read more about this!

Our second seminar was held in November and we had a panel discussion with two business owners who are also clients of Monteck Carter. Doug Hitchcock previously CEO of Glassfields NZ and Hugh Chapman previously CEO of Aqua Environmental Services Pty Ltd both built up businesses from scratch and achieved multi-million dollar sales to a publicly listed company. Hear how they were able to gain maximum price from their business sale. Read more about this!

The third seminar in February was led by Paul Ayres and Myles Cooper from Challenge Partners – they buy businesses as investments and were able to showcase the buyer’s perspective and how they select or reject a business. Read more about this! ,/p>

The fourth seminar in April was led by Rob Young – talked about the process on how to transition in a manager, and Sharon Dawson shared her success story. Read more about this!

The fifth seminar in May was led by Bruce Cattell – and he showed us how to calculate what your business is worth today. Read more about this!
We will allow time for lots of questions and to join us for some refreshments.


Don’t worry if you missed this first seminar. There is an option to get a copy of the video from the this seminar when you purchase a ticket for another seminar.

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