Welcome to EZI Accounts … so you think you can’t afford an accountant?

eziIt has never been easier or more affordable to do your New Zealand accounting online. EZI Accounts has the backing of chartered accountants Karen Tobeck and Bruce Montgomery.

Karen Tobeck and Bruce Montgomery are proud of owning a family business because this translates to a more personalised service than many Accounting firms can offer.

Are you tired of paying too much for your accounts and accounting services? If this sounds like you Ezi Accounts could be your solution.

Ezi Accounts can offer great savings through online accounting for:

Easy, your small business accountant is here to make life easy for you.  So whether your question is about tax or accounting our team is here to assist with your accounts and accounting needs.

Online accounting is the new, simple and time-efficient way to solve your accounting problems.  Accounting online means minimal fees for maximum performance.

Ezi Accounts provide simple, affordable online accounting for small businesses and contractors.

Call us today to find out how our accountants are able to assist your accounts

Ph: 0800TOOEZI

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