How optimistic are you?

There’s no doubt recent times have seen the tightening of belts and an abundance of no.8 wire mentality.  We’re working smarter; however the world isn’t out of the economic danger zone yet.  It’s likely to be a marathon, but kiwis are fit for the task – equipped with a positive attitude and sensible running shoes.

According to the April MYOB Business Monitor (The Voice of New Zealand Business Owners – economic report 2012) survey of 1,000 businesses, New Zealand businesses are confident and positive despite delayed global recovery.  In fact we’re even chirpier than ourBeing optimistic about tax big brothers: just 12% of the New Zealand business owners surveyed expect to make a loss in the next 12 months, compared with 24% of Australian business owners.

The number of business owners reporting revenue gains in the past year has increased from 28% to 34%.   For the next quarter 33% of business owners have more work than usual on their plate including 43% of Christchurch business owners, signalling early benefits of the Canterbury rebuild.

11% of businesses are looking to hire full time employees while 14% plan on hiring part timers as well.

This year kiwi businesses are set to focus on the customer with 38% looking to invest in customer retention, and 28% in attracting new customers.

The true star of the show has been the humble start-up.  The last 12 months saw start-ups report the most revenue gains (49%) and the least losses (18%).

The toddlers (2 – 5 years old businesses) also did well, reporting revenue gains of 39%. It is often said wars are won in winter, and this global financial crisis has provided the ammo for many entrepreneurs.

If you’re thinking of starting up a new business or dreaming of ways improve your current venture please give us a call (09 273 3682) to see what we can to do to help you in your quest.  Whether it be a business health check or initial business planning – we want you to experience the gains and rewards you deserve.

**Wilco Winter 2012 – Monteck Group

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