Prepared for a management emergency?

If an important team member were suddenly unavailable, would you have instant access to vital business information?

Below is a brief checklist of the types of information you should document to minimise potential disruption.  Regularly discuss and update your important information ‘log’ to suit your needs, and keep it in a safe place.

Consider reviewing your will (and asking your business partners to do the same) agreeing on specific clauses for business continuation in the event of a serious accident or death.

Important Documentation Checklist

  • Current business online banking,  payroll system and accounting software details and login information
  • Documents relating to insurances, lease agreements, employment contracts, client/customer contracts
  • Spare keys to PO boxes, safes and storage facilities
  • Client/customer database username and password
  • Information on current business accounts: Stationery? Website provider? Stock? Security Company?
  • Who acts as the firm’s lawyer? Banker? Accountant?
  • Where does off-site system data backup take place?

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