Boost sales and create new client relationships

Running a special product offer or discounted service pack through an online deals website is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy to drum up business and establish new client relationships.

Time-poor consumers,  or in fact anyone who loves a bargain can register to be alerted to online deals via email and secure them without setting foot near a shop.  This potentially addictive experience ensures big savings and a fast transaction – with all types of products, service offerings and even accommodation on offer.  This growing trend has boosted online shopping enormously.

online accountingBusinesses are recognising this as a smart way to market themselves, using popular sites such as: Grab One, 1-day, daily do, and treatme.

Reasons an online deal might work for you include:

  • If your business is in start-up mode it’s a great way to secure work and guarantee customers for the future
  • If you have an online business it could really boost your website traffic to encourage future online sales
  • What better way to launch a product and get fresh clients?  Perhaps from a different target demographic…
  • If you have excess stock and need to shift it then offering a great deal could march it out the door
  • Need a cash-injection?  You’re usually paid in full, within days (minus commission) – just make sure you have the time, energy and resources to fulfil your obligations

Include a ‘gift certificate’ for use on a second visit – customers are likely to return, spend more and a relationship can develop.  Once you’ve listed the deal and made some sales the work is done, right?  NO.  You need to make sure your business is dressed for success, ready to wow your new clients.  First impressions last – be positive, attentive, and take on feedback so they’ll return. We are an open minded accounting firm and happy to received feedback whether it is positive or negative. Please feel free to contact us with your recommendation

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