Customer loyalty ladder

To have a great business, you need to establish a customer loyalty ladder.  The ultimate aim is to develop evangelists for your business.

Evangelists (the highest level of customer recognition), openly promote your business through comments to other people, comments on your website, facebook and blogs.  To develop an evangelist for your business, you need to make communication very easy and encourage members to become advocates and then evangelists for your business.

Advocates, when asked, will recommend your business.  Advocates are well recognised by your team as being people who are prepared to be pro-active to viewers and prospects, in their support of your business.

A member is a client who has dealt with your business several times but they’re not advocates yet.  So, offer them a ‘loyalty card’ or other inducements to make them feel they are important to your business.                                                                                                            

Clients are people who have bought from your business more than once, so you need to continue to promote and market your business to them – show them you care!

Customers are people who have bought from your business once, but don’t stop your marketing/promotional activities at this point.  Now utilise systems, staff attitudes or your business knowledge to take customers to the next level

Prospects are not yet customers but have shown some sort of interest in the products or services you offer.  They might have responded to advertising or requested a quote.  Every business has the great goal of attracting prospects and turning them into customers.

A viewer is someone in the market place who could buy from you but is currently not a prospect or a customer.

The team needs to understand that the first sale to a customer is the beginning of a relationship which ideally will culminate in a customer becoming an evangelist for your business.

Ezi accounts are sometimes asked if we are able to help additional clients.

We are a growing firm and do appreciate your referrals.

We consider it a compliment when you recommend us to your friends and business contacts

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