Accounting Fixed Fee

Research indicates that a lot of clients would rather pay some their professional fees on a monthly basis than pay it off as a single lump sum.

At Monteck Carter we listen to our clients and because we understand the needs of our clients, we knew something had to change. We offer clients an option to fund their professional fees over a six or twelve month period with Feesmart.

Clients using FeeSmart are generally quite capable of paying their professional fee as a lump sum BUT they simply prefer to manage their cashflow more effectively.

Clients that use FeeSmart will:

  1. Preserve existing cash and credit lines for other business needs.
  2. Enjoy the benefits of smaller, more budget friendly, monthly payments rather than a large single lump sum.
  3. Remove the stress associated with being an overdue debtor with a key professional adviser.
  4. Claim the tax deduction on any interest payable for the facility. 

If you’d prefer to retain your existing credit lines for other business needs then give us a call on 09 273 3682 and let’s work together achieving your goal!

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