Series on Preparing your business for sale

Preparing your business for sale
“In the next decade 69 per cent of private businesses in NZ will be sold by their ageing owners. To maximise the selling price to a third party the business owner needed to present a compelling vision of what the business could become rather than a historical perspective…”  

Monteck Carter in conjunction with Kiwibank would like to invite you to a series of presentations preparing your business for sale

This series is aimed at all business owners who have thought about selling their business at some stage.  Traditionally, business owners have considered the sale of their business as their retirement package.

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Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?

  • What if my business is not saleable?
  • What if there are no buyers? 
  • What alternatives are there to selling?

If you have, then we’d encourage you to attend this series.

We have a group of presenters who have been there and know what you need to achieve to get the maximum value from your business. We will present some of the different options available to you to ensure you know how to achieve the maximum return on the sale of your business.


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Seminar dates:

  • Preparing your business for sale – Will your business fund your retirement? 30th October 2014
  • Getting the right price – Sellers perspective : 25th November 2014
  • Hear from corporation buyers – Purchasers perspective: February 2015
  • Transitioning in a manager, the process and a success story: March 2015
  • Generational business, can you work with your family? :April 2015
  • Where to from here? How to ensure the best outcome is achieved : May 2015

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