Important Tax dates for 2015

New Zealand’s laws require people and organisations to pay tax.

The IRD collect taxes on behalf of the Government, who use the money to benefit everyone here in New Zealand. If people don’t pay their fair share, everyone misses out.  There has been a lot of negative publicity recently about “tax avoidance” and the public sees businesses who don’t pay their fair share as bad citizens.  So it’s good public relations for businesses and people who own and run businesses to pay tax and be seen to do so.

This means important public services such as education, hospitals and healthcare, roads and welfare could be underfunded if tax isn’t paid. Almost all New Zealanders make a contribution to these services through the taxes we’re required to pay.

Being a chartered accounting firm, Monteck Carter understands how busy life can be and we realise tax payments are not on everyone’s priority list. We are here to make tax as simple and easy as possible for our clients.

However it is very important to pay the IRD on time. To help you, we found his handy calendar and it shows the various dates payments are due to be made to Inland Revenue for different tax types. The calendars also show when family assistance benefit and child support payments will be paid to you by Inland Revenue.

Download the current tax-year calendar and print it out to make it easy to plan ahead.

Have you got a question about your tax?

Karen Tobeck is our Partner specialising in tax and taxation questions.  Ask Karen your tax questions using the form on this page.

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