How to value your business for sale

Selling your business can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone wants to get the best price. No business is “ready for sale” overnight – it takes time, planning and careful management. I know because I regularly advise clients on preparing their business for sale.

Monteck Carter knows a lot of “baby boomer” business owners are already working on planning their own retirement. Some won’t actually get to retirement age for ten years but having a large number of firms come up for sale at the same time will mean prices get depressed.  That’s the downside of the ‘boom’ in people all the same age born after the War.

Monteck Carter is your expert advisor helping business owners plan the sale of their business. We are hosting a series of seminars for business owners who want to sell their business at the best possible price.

The Business Owners Seminar Series

Join Monteck Carter Chartered Accountants and Kiwibank at the 5th of our series of seminars on Preparing your business for sale on the 26 May 2015.
We will discuss what you can do right now that will really add $ value to your final business sale price.

  • Advisory Boards – what are the benefits? And hear from a business owner who uses an Advisory Board.
  • Management Reporting – what value does regular, accurate financial reporting add to your sale price? How can you ensure that you’re getting accurate information about your business?
  • KPIs – what are the key performance indicators that your business should report on? How to set up a quick dashboard to see KPIs instantly.

Learn how to value your business from an expert in the field. 

Bruce Cattell, a successful mergers & acquisitions consultant & broker, will show you how to calculate what your business is worth today. Then he’ll show how you can position your business to achieve a higher (maximum) exit value from your best potential buyers.  In many cases, the process can lead to a price premium from a strategic investor or buyer. Bruce will demonstrate how to be confident of realising this premium.

Over the last 30 years Bruce has built up a broad range of experience ranging from ground-floor sales to marketing and sales management strategy development and international business development. He has owned, run, bought and sold his own businesses and understands well the pressures – and rewards of business ownership.

Bruce is a senior broker at LINK Business. New Zealand’s largest business brokerage with offices across Australia, South Africa and the USA. He has an excellent proven track record in achieving great results for his clients. Bruce’s recent experience spans the sales of a broad range of businesses with values from upwards of $1M in imports, distribution, wholesale, services, manufacturing, engineering, online & digital.

About the Monteck Carter Selling Your Business Seminar Series

The first seminar was with speaker Tom Wilson, CEO of Shears & Mac touching on issues that have an impact on how your business will fund your retirement. Read more about this! 

Our second seminar had a panel discussion with two business owners who are also clients of Monteck Carter. Doug Hitchcock previously CEO of Glassfields NZ and Hugh Chapman previously CEO of Aqua Environmental Services Pty Ltd both built up businesses from scratch and achieved multi-million dollar sales to a publicly listed company. Hear how they were able to gain maximum price from their business sale.  Read more about this!

The third seminar was led by Paul Ayres and Myles Cooper from Challenge Partners – they buy businesses as investments and were able to showcase the buyer’s perspective and how they select or reject a business. Read more about this!  

The fourth seminar was led by Rob Young of Platform 1 he talked about the process of how to transition in a manager to buy your business , and Sharon Dawson shared her success story Read more about this!

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