Forward thinking accounting

So here’s the thing if you look in the rear vision mirror what do you see? You see the past, the things you’ve passed the things that you don’t need to focus on. Not to say that they aren’t interesting, but that’s all they are, interesting.

If you look into the future, the what now, that’s looking out of the front of the car then you see the future. The future is what’s important, the past is simply interesting, it has some relevance but the future and associated plans and strategies are what is more relevant. How many businesses focus on the rear view mirror?

How many accountants focus on last years results and write to their clients and state the obvious “Year on year sales are up 5%” “Margin was down 2 points” etc, etc. What value does this add? How intelligent does the accountant look? That’s the rear view mirror view. What is more relevant? The numbers today and the trends, more importantly what remedies could be offered to correct negative trends.

Monteck Carter focuses on the front view, looking out of the windscreen into the future, advising and guiding SME’s into a future where profits are, sleepless nights are no more, financial stability is a given. We make a difference…….How do you make a difference in business, in life?

Go on make a difference give us a call to see how we can help you move forward 09 273 3682

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