Multiply the value of your business BEFORE you sell!

As a business owner, there are no shortage of advisers who tell you what outcomes you need before selling your business.  Unlike the others, Monteck Carter shows you how to do it!

This is the 6th event in the Preparing Your Business For Sale Expert Seminar Series on the 11 August…  And it’s the practical one.  You must not miss this. Buy your tickets now.

We will discuss what you can do over the next three to five years to add $ value to your final business sale price.

  • The 6 key areas that will improve the price you get for your business
  • Three key strategies that can improve your profit immediately
  • How to work out what you actually need from the sale of your business to create the retirement you desire.

Led by Monteck Carter partners, this working seminar will give you the understanding you need to start the process of your company exit plan.

It is a practical working seminar. 

We will help you to work out the actual $ you want as your retirement income and compare the recent past trading of your business compares.  Will it support your desired lifestyle?

During the seminar you’ll be writing down the details as they apply to your business and life circumstances.

Bring with you:

  • Your business accounts
  • The most recent Profit and Loss statement plus your total Sales, Gross profit and Net Profit numbers for the past 3 years.
  • If you’re unsure, just bring your year-end accounts and we can help you decipher them on the night.
  • Also bring a calculator and writing materials.

As always, we will video record the session, so you will have a chance afterwards to watch again.

We promise you there won’t be any scare-stories, just practical advice so you can work out how to increase the value of your business before you sell. You’ve been getting these emails for a while

…….this is the ONE SEMINAR you must not miss. Buy your tickets Here

We have allowed time for lots of questions and to join us for some refreshments

Don’t worry if you missed the other seminars. There is an option to get a copy of the video from the other seminars when you purchase a ticket for this seminar.

Should you not be able to attend but still want a copy of the recordings please email


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