So you are thinking of exporting?

Are you thinking about exporting for the first time, but not sure how to go about it? New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) offers some general tips for companies starting to think about exports:

Preparation is key
Like any business development and growth plans, exporting needs to be carefully considered and managed. Plans and budgets should be prepared, objectives need to be set. For example:

  • What does your business want to achieve? 
  • How will it scale up? 
  • What impact will this have on of the business (people and resources)?. 
  • Is the product market ready? 
  • What will the business need to do to get it market ready if it isn’t already? 
  • Who are your competitors; how well do you know the market and what is your unique selling point? 
  • Is your IP covered? 
  • What channel(s) to market do you want to focus on? 
  • Who do you need to target? 
  • Where can you get help?

Advice on selecting an export market 

Researching the market will help determine whether your company is targeting the right market or not – is there actually a demand for what you are selling? Validation is crucial – don’t just go by a friend or family member’s suggestion or jump at the first distributor or contact that shows interest in your product. Finding the right partner is vital.

A key consideration to make is whether or not the product or service is the right fit for the market. Replicating what the business does in New Zealand may not be the best way to approach other markets. Monteck Carter understand companies have different needs and we tailor our services to your needs ….What does Monteck Carter offer.

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