Xero Business Performance Dashboard

Monteck Carter is all about sharing information that will make your administration process easier for everyone and one of the software tools we utilise and recommend is Xero. They recently released the Business Performance Dashboard, a new way of giving you better visibility of how your business is performing.

The dashboard provides easy access to a range of metrics automatically generated from the transactions in Xero. Track against standard financial ratios including gross profit, net profit on net sales, and debt to equity.

Having your numbers in front of us, means we can focus our time on providing advice rather than generating reports. We can work with you to understand which metrics are important, and how they can – over time – improve the performance of your business.

This is the beginning of our Business Performance journey, where we’re exploring new ways of giving you information, insights, and keys to do better business. Do you have questions about how Xero can help your business or want a free Complimentary Business Review then email us and we’ll get in touch shortly or contact Monteck Carter on 09 273 3682.

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