Inventive ways to pay off your student loan

Are you wanting to pay off your student loan quicker?

Feejoa is a reward programme that turns normal rewards into real dollars that go to help pay off a student loan. Best of all – It’s free to use

Impossible you say? Not really…. Once you’ve signed up you’ll start earning reward dollars from pay-off-student-loanpurchases at participating merchants, such as Warehouse Stationery.Rather than buying rewards like food processors, household gadgets or discount deals, you get real dollars paid directly off your student loan. And get to see those payments in real time. At the end of each month Feejoa sends the IRD the reward dollars which are credited against your student loan.

You can increase the reward dollars you earn by encouraging your family and friends to become benefactors – you get reward dollars from their purchases. Now that is a true PAL! (aka a Person Alleviating a Loan)

For more information and to enrol in the loyalty programme, go to Feejoa’s website
Note: This isn’t an Inland Revenue service. Feejoa is an independent company.

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