Can your manager take over from you as a business owner?

Corporate firms use sophisticated transition plans to allow staff to get promoted, to leave and to retire.Does an SME business owner have the same options?

Selling your business can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone wants to get the best price. No business is “ready for sale” overnight – it takes time, planning and careful management.

Monteck Carter knows a lot of “baby boomer” business owners are already working on planning their own retirement. Some won’t actually get to 65 for ten years but having a large number of firms come up for sale at the same time may mean prices get depressed.

Experts agree that preparing early (2 to 5 years before you hope to sell) is essential to achieving the best price. Business owners traditionally consider the sale of their business as a part of their retirement package. However… What if it is not saleable? What if there are no buyers? What are your options?

Monteck Carter is your expert advisor helping business owners plan the sale of their business. We can help business owners who want to ensure that when they want to sell, they get the best possible price.

We understand how to:

  • Make your business finances attractive to purchasers
  • Plan your personal financial outcomes
  • Plan for succession in family businesses as ownership transitions from one generation to the next

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