IR no longer issuing letters or accepting cheques

Inland Revenue is no longer issuing letters by post. This means that everyone must have a MyIR account set up in order to receive all communications and important information. Having a MyIR account will mean you won’t miss important tax payments that could end up costing you.  Inland Revenue will contact you via email, mobile or both depending on what you have chosen when you have letters in MyIR.  If you are linked to our tax agency (all our clients) we may have access to IRD correspondence, but we are not notified in all cases.  It is important for you to get these communications yourselves.  The only way to ensure that you get these is for you to be set up for MyIR for all your tax types, you can do this here if you are not already registered.

As of the 1st March 2020, IR are no longer accepting cheques.

They are finding most of their customers are becoming digital in the way they work and IR is following, with most customers already choosing to pay taxes electronically.

Inland Revenue recognise this can be a significant change for some so have outlined some alternative payment options:

You may also like to talk to your bank about your payment options. Please talk to us directly if you have any concerns or questions around this.

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