Apprenticeship Boost support

Apprenticeship Support Programmes

The Apprenticeship Support Programme is a government response to help employers retain and bring on new apprentices while dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Employers and businesses will be able to access support from either Apprenticeship Boost, Mana in Mahi, or the Regional Apprenticeships Initiative. The Group Training Schemes which some employers are part of will also receive additional support.

Apprenticeship Boost

What is it?

Apprenticeship Boost is a payment to help employers keep and take on new apprentices.  The payment is made directly to employers.

You can get Apprenticeship Boost if your apprentices are:

  • actively training through a transitional Industry Training Organisation (ITO) or a provider
  • training for a New Zealand Apprenticeship or Managed Apprenticeship recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)
  • in their first 24 months of training (this includes any previous apprenticeship enrolment with the same transitional ITO or provider).

You need to apply for your apprentice, and you need to have a training agreement between yourself, your apprentice and your TEC approved transitional ITO or provider.

Payment rates

You can get Apprenticeship Boost for a maximum of 20 months from the 5th of August 2020. It’s paid in advance monthly. How much you can get depends on whether your apprentice is in their first or second year of training:

  • employers of first-year apprentices can get $1,000 a month
  • employers of second-year apprentices can get $500 a month.
  • These amounts don’t include GST. If you’re GST registered, you’ll be paid the amount plus GST.

You must pay your apprentice at least the minimum or training wage.

You need to apply for your first month’s payment, then you’ll need to reapply each month after this to keep getting payments.

How to apply

*Remember* – you will need to reconfirm information EACH month to keep getting monthly payments.  There are 5 steps you need to complete as outlined here, which also shows full information about the payment.


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