Apps we love…Hubdoc

Hubdoc is in basic terms, a document storage hub. It is perfect for those businesses where you may have a lot of supplier invoices, receipts or emails you want to store in a centralised hub.  As it integrates with Xero (a huge bonus for us), it means your bills, receipts, invoices etc can be published and coded into Xero.

It may help with the trend to go paperless in a way that your filing system improves since you can simplify how you store and process your documents. It can be as easy as taking a photo of a receipt and emailing it to Hubdoc.

From an Accountant’s perspective, it helps with ensuring we have the correct invoices or paperwork in one place at the correct time. Setup is simple and straight forward and we can work in with you to get this done.

A client we have set up recently has seen the benefit by being able to approve all invoices by emailing them through to Hubdoc.

Another benefit is that because you have all your bills and statements in one place, you do not need to login to multiple sites to download a statement. It is a great way to free up some of your time and feel more organised with your paperwork. Hubdoc is already included in some Xero plans so if you would like training or help on setting this up please feel free to ask us.

If you’d like more information on Hubdoc you can visit the website:

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