Employment agreement changes

Modifying Employment Agreements during Covid-19 response and recovery

Modifying Employment Agreements during Covid-19 response and recovery

For most employers, reviewing your staff and their employment agreements would have been done at some point this year.

Regular employment law still applies to all employment relationships – regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. This includes:

  • having a written employment agreement for every employee, and doing what that agreement requires
  • keeping each written employment agreement up to date, including documenting any changes that affect rates of pay or hours worked
  • meeting legislative and any relevant contractual requirements for changing employment arrangements
  • complying with all minimum standards legislation and with the Employment Relations Act 2000.

Flexible working arrangements are more important than ever now, not only for the employee but for the business owner as well.

If you have had to or are thinking of making any changes to employment agreements, visit Employment New Zealand to make sure you will be compliant. Changes such as changes to working hours, a change in a job description or pay rates, however small must be documented correctly.

We recommend seeking the advice of an employment law specialist if there are areas you need guidance on.

Remember, all changes can be temporary or permanent but they must be in writing and agreed to by all parties in good faith.

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