Thinking of moving to Xero?

Talk to us first.  We’ve got a few accounting insider tips that will help make your move to Xero as seamless as possible.

Whether you’d like to setup and use Xero for the first time, or you wish to switch to Xero, we can help with this process.

We already have ledgers set up in Xero for all clients so it may be just a matter of upgrading the plan for you.

The reason we ask you to get in touch with us first is so we can ensure all the required data is migrated over from your existing system correctly.

This means, all historic data, charts, reports and more are transferred over to Xero rather than having to start again.

You may not need to set up a completely new Xero file unless you are new to business. It will save you the stress and any extra time spent managing this yourself and wondering if you’ve done it correctly.

So, let’s have a chat before you begin and we can work together to ensure the whole process runs smoothly, no data is lost, and it doesn’t take as long as it needs to.

Xero can work for all businesses.  Explore how different types of business use Xero.

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