Ensuring you put the correct details when paying IRD online

Unfortunately, IRD are under no obligation to remit any charges or penalties due to “human error” on your part so please ensure that all details are correct before making a payment.

Work. Sleep. Eat. Repeat?

Working harder is not always smarter. Here are some useful ways to create a crystal clear line between work and the rest of your life.

Benefits of closing the pay gap

Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team, the more balanced, flexible and diverse your business is – the healthier it will be….

Police Managers’ Guild Trust

Police Managers’ Guild Trust – They work to provide free information to New Zealanders on how to stay safe and avoid becoming a victim of crime. You can access that information either via their website – or in 1 of their reference magazines

Tired of paying accounting fees?

Manage your cash flow more effectively!

Health and safety: Say it loud and proud to lower the risk

A ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards health and safety won’t cut it. You’ve got to make a conscious decision to be safe and get everyone in your team thinking about health and safety every step of the way. Wanna do it effectively? ….Follow these steps…

Invoicing tips for better cash flow

Getting paid on time can be a real challenge for small businesses. Check out these tips for getting paid sooner.

Homes standards for rental properties

New minimum standards will make rental properties drier and warmer. The healthy homes standards, which become law later this year, aim to improve heating, insulation, ventilation and drainage, reduce moisture and stop draughts.

Law changes – How does it apply to your business?

Get an overview of law changes that came into effect in early 2019. Find out how these changes affect your business.

Making tax time easier

Keep good records to make tax time easier for you!

Claiming expenses in 2019 – What to keep!

Keep thorough business records as you will have to provide accurate and complete records of your taxable business activity throughout the year. Not only might you miss out on claiming some expenses but you could face penalties.

Loss Ring-fencing on Rental Properties

You will no longer be able to offset against your other income to reduce your tax or to obtain a refund. If this is your current position please contact us now urgently to discuss your situation and if anything can be done to mitigate the impact before 31 March 2019