Introducing Glynis Carter

Glynis has been a Partner at Monteck Carter since her firm Corbett Carter merged with Monteck Group in 2013 and brings many years of experience to the 10-strong team.  She works withRead More…

New Trusts legislation – Jan 2021

What Trustees need to know The legislation The new Trust Act modernises trust law and makes significant changes to the way trusts are currently administered in New Zealand. The Act aims toRead More…

Inheritance Trusts

Most parents, at some stage in their lives, consider what provisions they would like to make for their children on their death, therefore some thought should be given in order to establish that there is some protection around those funds to ensure that they are not lost.

Is it worth setting up a Trust

Everyone seems to have a family trust nowadays – do you have one (or if you have) how do you know if it’s still relevant and appropriate for your individual situation? The answer depends on your circumstances. Trusts are generally set up to protect assets and look after dependent people. They can have a valuable role to play, but they are not suitable for everyone.

Enduring Power of Attorney – Do I need it?

Protecting vulnerable people – can they sign? A guest article by Murdoch Price Solicitors. A Power of Attorney is a document in which you ask someone you trust to act on your behalf as regards your personal affairs. The difference between an “enduring” power of attorney and an ordinary one is that the former continues even after..

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