Planning? Is this a good time?

  Being in lockdown is frustrating. There’s so much you can’t do. But is it the perfect time to do some business planning? Business planning constantly gets bumped to the bottom ofRead More…

P is for Purpose

Why does your business exist? A clear purpose statement is just as important for small-medium businesses as it is for large businesses. Do you need a plan in place? We can help.

Dealing with uncertainty – tips for business owners

Whether you’re in full lockdown, restricted trading conditions or back to ‘business as usual’, there’s still real uncertainty for business owners. We’re trading in challenging times at present. And knowing what stepRead More…

Demystifying your Balance Sheet

Do you understand the story your Balance Sheet tells about your business? It’s important you understand the components of your Balance Sheet and the key ratios that measure the health of yourRead More…

Building your app stack

Improving your overall efficiency can have a huge impact on your profit and can free up time for you and your team. Increasing your app stack (your apps, systems, and process) canRead More…

Why knowing your staff ‘learning styles’ is good for business

Ever handed out a business document for your team, only to find half of them abandoned at the table? Or discovered a staff member nodding off during a graphic, chart-filled presentation? ItRead More…

Updates to the Xero Starter Plan

Software for the Small Business Xero recently announced changes to their Starter Plan. These changes were made with sole traders, contractors and freelancers in mind and make it an alternative to XeroRead More…

December Business Health Check

A few key points you might find of interest. Holiday pay sorted? Working out what an employee gets paid for taking a day off on annual holidays will depend partly on whatRead More…

Apps we love…Spotlight Reporting

If you have ever required a budget or forecast report prepared it is highly likely we would have used Spotlight Reporting. The ease of having data downloaded from Xero to provide thisRead More…

Apps we love…Hubdoc

Hubdoc is in basic terms, a document storage hub. It is perfect for those businesses where you may have a lot of supplier invoices, receipts or emails you want to store inRead More…

Benefits of closing the pay gap

Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team, the more balanced, flexible and diverse your business is – the healthier it will be….

Tired of paying accounting fees?

Manage your cash flow more effectively!

Health and safety: Say it loud and proud to lower the risk

A ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards health and safety won’t cut it. You’ve got to make a conscious decision to be safe and get everyone in your team thinking about health and safety every step of the way. Wanna do it effectively? ….Follow these steps…

Invoicing tips for better cash flow

Getting paid on time can be a real challenge for small businesses. Check out these tips for getting paid sooner.

Can your manager take over from you as a business owner?

Corporate firms use sophisticated transition plans to allow staff to get promoted, to leave and to retire. Does an SME business owner have the same options?

Monteck Carter knows a lot of “baby boomer” business owners are already working on planning their own retirement. Some won’t actually get to 65 for ten years but having a large number of firms come up for sale at the same time may mean prices get depressed.

No business is “ready for sale” overnight – it takes time, planning and careful management… Let Monteck help you reach your financial goals!

Difference between a successful and unsuccessful business

“STICK TO YOUR KNITTING“ many business people do try to do too many things, wasting time and energy on areas of their business that they could pay others to do for them. This can give them more time to either increase their chargeable hours or to work on their business and improve their bottom line.

Contractor vs. Employee Pitfalls and Pluses

What you should consider when you want to move from employee to self-employed contractor status.

Shareholders agreements

A Shareholders’ Agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company. Without one, you risk a dispute at some point down the track when each shareholder has a different idea of who can do what, when they can do it, how it is done, and what was agreed at the outset. You do not really need one until you need one (at which time it is too late).

10 Daily Habits of the Rich and Powerful

It’s the little things that make up the big things. Here’s a list of ten traits of some of the movers and shakers in the world today (and from the past).

How to deal with late payments effectively

Having a steady cash flow is a must for any startup as it keeps your business running.

Email Scam – Millions of NZ dollars lost

A complex and growing global fraud is targeting New Zealand businesses …..The email compromise scam sees an email sent to a company’s accounts department from a seemingly legitimate client or colleague. The emails ask the accounts department to update or process a normally regular payment with a new or amended bank account number.

Top tips to avoid being caught by fraudsters

If you receive a call with an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Online scammers and fraudsters use all kinds of tricks to steal from businesses. By taking sensible precautions you and your business can avoid becoming victims.

Advantages of Digital Signing for Businesses

Digital signing, versus the traditional “wet” signature, has become increasingly popular in recent years. It allows you to sign documents online directly from your PC, Smartphone or IPad. Hassle Free! More and more countries have endorsed….

5 Costly Accounting Mistakes

Most business owners understand that effective financial management is key to their success. But lack of knowledge, frustration, and even avoidance can add up to accounting mistakes that derail future growth. Protect your business and reduce your stress by avoiding these five costly accounting errors.

9 Things You Need to Remember While Negotiating Contracts

There are several aspects of business that can only be learnt through actual experience. One of them is negotiating contracts. Several people fear the negotiation process because it is an intrinsically uncomfortableRead More…

Accounting basics and compliance principles

We know that developing successful relationships helps make successful businesses. Meeting your needs is our top priority! Having a strong relationship with your accountant who has a deep understanding of your individual situation gives you the most robust financial advisory support. We take care of your business bookkeeping, accounting and financial advisory needs. Whether this is as simple as preparing your annual financial statements and tax returns or more complex assistance with financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, Monteck Carter has an experienced team who can help.

Xero Business Performance Dashboard

Monteck Carter is all about sharing information that will make your administration process easier for everyone and one of the software tools we utilise and recommend is Xero. They recently released the Business Performance Dashboard, a new way of giving you better visibility of how your business is performing.

So you are thinking of exporting?

Are you thinking about exporting for the first time, but not sure how to go about it? New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) offers some general tips for companies starting to think about exports:
Preparation is key. Like any business development and growth plans, exporting needs to be carefully considered and managed. Plans and budgets should be prepared, objectives need to be set. For example:

Can we get you a Government grant for your business?

Every year the Government invests millions into companies that provide employment, increase exports and build wealth in New Zealand. Therefore Regional Business Partners have been set up by NZ Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation to be local hubs of business development know-how and research and development (R&D) expertise. Each partner works with local businesses in their

Health and Safety Law Changes – Advice

Changes to health and safety (H&S) laws are a step closer, with the select committee reporting its recommendations back to Parliament. The Bill is expected to be passed later this year and there will be some months before it comes into effect. During this time government will provide further guidance to help businesses understand what the new law means for them, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.

How mixed is your message

I had the opportunity to engage with an employee of a business I visited recently and she described the business as a “Fruit Salad”. “That’s an interesting description” I said, “what does that mean” I asked.

Work on your business – not in it!

You will have heard us say how important it is to work on your business, not in it. That may sound confusing – aren’t they the same thing? Monteck Carter helps clients “Bridge the Gap” with a Complimentary Business review designed to show you what you can do as a business owner or Director to improve the business while still working on your day to day job.

How to deal with late payments effectively

Having a steady cash flow is a must for any startup as it keeps your business running and in the long run, it’s going to become a healthy base for client/customer management. Whether it’s a startup or an established small business, there are always some folks who forget to pay on time. When I

Why is a Business Manager important to your business?

Ambitious businesses must move with the times and adapt to suit new business trading situations. We’ve been growing our client base and the Partners can no longer manage all the day to day administration – it was clear we needed to change and move forward.

What is a CFO?

Among popular Three Letter Abbreviations is CFO – it sits along CEO, CMO, CTO and a heap of other “chief Something officers”. Do you even know what this means and how a chartered accounting firm can assist with this service? Let’s break it down and explain what a CFO is and what they do.

How important is cost control to a new business?

Everyone knows that for property the answer is location, location, location. For a new business the equivalent is cash, cash, cash. Cashflow is vital to help establish and grow a new business, especially in that critical early period. Established businesses also know the importance of cashflow to help keep everything running while you invest to grow the

Financial reporting for small businesses

The effect of the new Financial Reporting Act 2013 on your company depends largely on the size of your business because the changes will impact many small and medium businesses. We’ve summarised the main points of the Act below – contact us to make sure you know which apply to your business.

Changes to the Health and Safety Act

It’s expected that the Health and Safety Reform Bill will be passed before the end of the year and that the resulting Health and Safety at Work Act will be implemented in stages, the first stage taking effect from 1 April 2015. The legislation itself is part of a major reform of health and safety practice in New Zealand.

NZBN or New Zealand Business Number- Why is it needed?

Some of you will have been advised that your company has a NZBN. This is a new number that has been allocated to each company and is now showing on the Companies Office Register.

Simplified Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting Act which came into force on 1 April 2014 changes financial reporting obligations for most companies. Medium sized companies between $2 million and $30 million will have reduced compliance and smaller companies will be able to prepare simplified statements.

Why is Cashflow so important?

Profit does not equate to cash and unless you understand the drivers behind your cashflow you are not going to be able to run your business effectively. These areas can affect your cashflow but not your profit and are mainly found outside the profit and loss statements ie in your Balance Sheet

Holiday Leave for Employers

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to take a closer look at your obligations around public holiday pay and annual leave entitlements. The most important requirement is that all employees are entitled to a paid day off on a public holiday if it would otherwise be a normal working day.

Promote Creativity and Innovation

Whether you’re planning a new product, a new business venture or simply brainstorming, here are some tips to help boost creativity and innovation within your business:

Karen Tobeck – Partner at Monteck Carter

Karen’s background is initially in industry working as a corporate and management accountant. Since 1997 she worked in the public accounting arena. She was a partner in Monteck Group until our merger this year with Glynis Carter from Corbett Carter. Experience in industry helps her to assist our clients within their businesses. Growing their business at the same time as

Why have a Shareholder’s Agreement

In recent months we have seen plenty of examples of the hurdles that have to be overcome when there is no existing shareholder agreement in place. The absence of shareholders’ agreements amongRead More…

Make that holiday happen

If you are a business owner, you’ll know that the more stressed out you are, the more you need a holiday and the less easy it is to make the time. Here are a few tips to help you plan a holiday and make the most of it:

Prioritise your priorities!

In the age of information we’re constantly being distracted and stimulated by people, advertising and messages. It’s like working with the TV on in our heads! It’s time to limit procrastination and filter the white noise.

The Remote Workforce

Working remotely can be an attractive proposition for both employers and employees. The virtual worker is rewarded with job flexibility – providing their services from home, separate or even multiple office locations. The Employer can streamline their business, and minimise overheads.

Holidays for busy business owners

Think you don’t have time to take a holiday? Holidays are vital for tired, stressed business owners. Not only is the habit of taking regular holidays linked to reduced mortality and lower incidence of heart disease, but holidays have myriad benefits.

Customer loyalty ladder

To have a great business, you need to establish a customer loyalty ladder. The ultimate aim is to develop evangelists for your business.

Future proofing your customers

Consumers are looking to deal with businesses they can trust. Is your business creating a feeling of trust with the customer? It is a good idea to obtain testimonials, preferably on video, from happy customers and utilise these videos on your website. Do you conduct customer surveys to discover customers

You need successful customers

The biggest single risk for small businesses is cashflow. Conversely customers who pay their bills are the most important ingredient for business success. Cashflow and customer development are therefore vital aspects of risk management in your small business.

Boost sales and create new client relationships

Running a special product offer or discounted service pack through an online deals website is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy to drum up business and establish new client relationships.

The perfect (brain) storm

Planning a new product or event, or just wanting some direction? It might be time to brainstorm! Effective collaboration is harder than it sounds. Avoid another meaningless meeting and consider ways to get the most from brainstorming:

Defining your value proposition

If someone asks you what your business is, can you tell them in a nutshell? Or will they be bored and confused before the elevator reaches the 2nd floor…

Increase your online sales

To make sales you need visitors. Is your website actively in the public domain? Using flyers, advertising, supporting an event or charity, giving out business cards, the use of smart packaging, referral sites, and business directories are some simple ways to put your brand and website address out there for potential customers to see

Prepared for a management emergency?

If an important team member were suddenly unavailable, would you have instant access to vital business information?

Companies Office fees are changing!

On 1 August 2012, the Companies Office will be making a series of changes to the fees it charges for services, and will also begin to collect levies to fund the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and the External Reporting Board (XRB).

Protecting business names and logo

Business names brands and logos are important and business owners should consider doing what they can to protect them. Monteck GroupRegistering a trade mark usually gives the owner the sole right in the jurisdiction to use the mark in relation to the goods or

Cashflow is King

Profit does not equate to cash and unless you understand the drivers behind your cashflow you are not going to be able to run your business effectively. These areas can affect your cashflow but not your profit and are mainly f

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