Increase your online sales

Improve your traffic!

To make sales you need visitors.  Is your website actively in the public domain?  Using flyers, advertising, supporting an event or charity, giving out business cards, the use of smart packaging, referral sites, and business directories are some simple ways to put your brand and website address out there for potential customers to see.

The next step is encouraging your site visitors to linger and engage.  To do this your site must load quickly, without flashy loading pages.  And the content should direct people throughout the site.

Are your contact details visible on every page?  Some people prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a human, others are happy burrowing into your site.

Is your content easy to read and helpful?

Highlight benefits in your headlines.  One way is to establish a problem and show how your product can resolve it.

Less is generally more.  Pages of paragraph text are hard on the eye.  Use bold, italics and highlighting (sparingly) with subheadings to break text up.  Vary the length of your paragraphs and experiment with bullets to convey messages efficiently.

Use photos, images and videos to boost your product’s desirability.  A Picture paints a thousand words.  A video paints a thousand pictures!

Have a clear call to action!  Tell your customers to purchase now.

Do your systems make it easy to purchase?

  • Do you offer a variety of payment methods?
  • Is the order/delivery process clear and efficient?
  • Does your follow-up process strengthen customer relations and therefore produce testimonials?
  • Does your purchase process encourage repeat business?

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